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Market analysis platform
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Butterfly is a smart tool for food market analysis that helps businesses grow. With Butterfly, you can search by keywords and easily analyze the performance of market players of any size. Butterfly can be used by local family restaurants, big restaurant chains, and even school or hospital diners.

The platform helps understand competition better. It evaluates the competitive landscape according to the geographical area, be it a state, a county, a city, or a metro area. It also helps food producers and suppliers to determine their prospective buyers.

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Make subscription-based market analytics service
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Challenge #1

Fast data processing

The service had to process over 1 million food service locations, therefore one of the core goals was to make sure data collection and processing would not take longer than several seconds.

Fast data processing

Challenge #2

Customization for any country

Also, the algorithm had to be universal for different countries and there should be one map showing all markets. The tool should also assess the competitive landscape by radius.

Customization for any country
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Design process

Driven by great infographics

Our design team has ensured that information output was more than just fast and clear but also looked modern and creative. The data should be shown using simple yet informative infographics.


Design implementation

Design 1Design 2Design 3Design 4
Design 5Design 6Design 7
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Development process

Fast search and response

In order to facilitate data processing, Trust Sourcing team used only cutting-edge frameworks with optimized memory usage and fast response.

Technology stack
Yii2 (php7)MongoDBMySQLSphinxRedisRabbitMQMachine learningFigmaPrinciple
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The platform used by
600 000 restaurants

Butterfly is the universal database of food service locations. One can analyze over 1M food service locations, including over 600K restaurants and 23K chains. The platform also identifies food preferences and population stats of 306M people. It’s an ultimate data aggregator for the food industry.

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