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Consumer ratings for every chain limited-time offer

Menu Checker is the platform for restaurant chain owners and decision makers. It contains consumer ratings for the new menu items and limited-time offers at the top chains. It's a powerful tool that predicts what will sell based on the purchase intent, uniqueness, draw, and more. The platform aggregates and analyzes the results of the independently held surveys via focus groups.

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Build online survey service
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Challenge #1

Customization & bot protection

The primary challenge while building the service was to let a manager configure surveys with different parameters. Most importantly, we had to make sure that the tool would be able to identify bots and eliminate them from the surveys for high-quality results.

Customization & bot protection

Challenge #2

Reducing calculation time

There was no chance that calculating survey results would take days or even hours, so we also had to work hard to minimize data calculation speed after each survey.

Reducing calculation time
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Design process

Visual thinking in action

Our design team was responsible for the data display. It had to look structured and clear despite the large volumes of data. We decided to use charts to display the menu items in the most transparent way.

Since the service should become a one-page application, we were using the maximum of our design capabilities to organize huge data volumes on one page.


Design implementation

Design 1Design 2
Design 3Design 4Design 4
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Development process

Cloud computing based on neural networks

We used modern cutting-edge front-end and back-end technologies to process and display data, as well as run surveys.

Technology stack
Neural networksMicrosoft .NetAmazon AWS SESSketchPrinciple
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Fully automated survey solution

MenuChecker is a fully automated tool for restaurant chains to run surveys and identify consumer ratings for the new menu items and limited-time offers. The surveys run with a predefined set of item types, demographics settings, and more detailed preferences. MenuChecker owns its capabilities to the fully automatic calculations algorithm that sends the data to the analytics processor after each survey. Monthly, the tool polls around 15K respondents while holding 4-5 surveys. The scheduled surveys go over 300-400 menu items while custom-ones can go over 20-150 items.

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