Information on market opportunities for exchanges between buyers and sellers.

About project

IMOXCHANGE is a powerful tool for import analytics in Jamaica. It was built to help national buyers discover full information about the importers of goods in different market segments, as well as help sellers interested in Jamaica understand the potential competition and decide on the best ways to enter and operate on the market.

About project

Client’s requirements

As the client had the database of Jamaica’s import transactions, he wanted to build an online subscription-based service for Jamaica’s importers and buyers. The users should be able to access full information about the importers. Easy on-demand access to all this data should help them understand Jamaica’s import trends within minutes. This would also accelerate their decision-making processes and cut the checks usually spent on the research agencies who do such work manually for weeks.



Our tech specialists had to put special attention to making sure that generating reports wouldn’t take hours. The optimization of the database structure and connection speed was an important condition for making the tool that would work super fast.

In addition, the team had to find the fitting payment system to integrate into the service since not all payment systems work with businesses
registered in Jamaica.


Design process

We used the best practices of UX and UI design to make sure that even long tables and huge charts were displaying comfortably to the users.

Our special accomplishment was designing an interactive map for the data output in the form of a world map. Through this infographic, a user can see the quick stats on Jamaica’s import trends from different countries.


Design Implementation



Our tech team has built a single page application using modern front-end and back-end technologies, such as React, Redux, and Microsoft.Net Core.

We have secured authentication processes with JSON Web Token and set up email sending automation via Amazon AWS SES.

We have also integrated such payment systems as PayPal, Paymentwall, and Square. To guarantee the correct predictions we’ve put cumulative statistics at the basis of the app.


The online subscription-based platform IMOXCHANGE offers comprehensive information on Jamaica’s imports covering 9 industrial sectors, 62 sub-sectors, 1,593 product categories, and 50 countries that supply 99% of the country’s import. This is a product that every local buyer-distributor and foreign seller-supplier of Jamaican goods will find significantly valuable as a corporate learning and decision-making tool to help increase sales in the Jamaican market.