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Most vehicle rental companies suffer from one big issue these days. No, it’s not Uber. These companies have returning customers who trust them and use them for a long time. But their booking processes aren’t automated which often becomes inconvenient for the customers and shuns away the prospective ones.

Lymo Lymo was created to boost the revenues of the vehicle rental services of any size. It was designed with the easiest accessibility and usability for the end customers in mind. The software provides online reservation services for chauffeur, limousine, charter bus, taxi, and car rental companies.

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Challenge #1

Responsive design

To create a truly universal tool, we had to make a booking module that could be installed on any website. It should also be compatible with different screen sizes and look nice on all devices.

Challenge #2

Integration with map services

Also, we had to guarantee that the tool could work with the most popular maps services to accurately provide the necessary trip information.

Challenge #3

Close automation loop

And the final goal was to make the mobile application for drivers of the vehicle rental companies. The application should help drivers to execute orders and close automation loop (from customer’s order to rental company then to driver and back to the customer).

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Design process

Minimalism with maximum user satisfaction

Our design team created a high class yet minimalistic design to emphasize the customers’ privilege and the services’ prominent quality. Using the best UI/UX practices, we found the best way to demonstrate the route building and illustrate the calculation of its cost. The design also helps to understand the tariff calculation differences from distance-based to hour-based when they take place.


Design implementation

App structure

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Development process

Seamlees UX on Angular

We used Angular platform to secure seamless front end for Lymo Lymo. The platform is made convenient to use since it’s a single page application so information gets updated in real time without refreshing the page. Also, we implemented integration with the popular map services like Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.

Technology stack
AngularReduxMicrosoft .NetSwiftOpenStreetMapGoogle MapsSketchPrincipleInVision
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Hassle free car rental solution

By creating Lymo Lymo, we made a tool that any vehicle rental company can use to boost its revenue growth and customer retention. It’s made with both sides in mind. Companies can eliminate the hassle of price bargaining. Passengers can customize their trip online and confirm reservations with the pre-calculated prices.

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