How to make smart weather advisor app?

Welfie case

About project

Have you ever looked at your weather app for 10 minutes straight trying to get a clue what you should wear that day? Exactly. We’ve all been there. Knowing the weather is great, but not knowing what to wear in that weather is a real problem we always have. And our team decided to solve it by making Welfie - a mobile app that helps people dress according to the weather.

This is how it works. The app shows the weather forecast for a specific day. On that day, the user takes a photo which shows his outfit and uploads it to the app. He also marks how he feels in that outfit from frozen to very hot. The next time when the similar weather conditions take over, Welfie shows what outfit you had and how you felt that day. And if it was too hot, too cold, or just fine - you’ll know what to put on accordingly!

About project


Welfie had to help people dress comfortably in any weather conditions. It should also be easy and accurate. But since all people have different sensitivity to temperatures, humidity, wind, time of the day, etc., it had to be super personalized to give the exact outfit recommendations for a specific weather.

So we came to thinking about selfies. People take tons of them, so why not finally put them into a real practical use? Simply put, Welfie would have to combine weather forecasts and selfies.


Combining photos and weather forecasts sounds easier than it can be done though. The app should show a lot of information on the screen. We also wanted Welfie to feel very friendly and heart-warming since you’d have to use it every day. We had to make sure that this bulk of information fits nicely into a phone screen and doesn’t get too overwhelming and uncomfortable to use.


Design process

Thanks to the broad experience of our designers, we have easily solved our main UI/UX challenge and found a simple way to show weather comparison. We managed to include the user’s photo, the temperature, the feelings about the temperature, even the sunrise and sunset times! Welfie also learned to cheer users up as we put some cute notifications on the screen like “Cozy clothes and cheek kisses will warm you up!”


Design Implementation


To guarantee the correct predictions we’ve put cumulative statistics at the basis of the app.

The more often a user marks his feelings in certain weather conditions, the more precisely Welfie prompts how he might feel about the same conditions in the future.

The tendency of weather change is also taken into account. Here is the stack of technologies that we’ve used:

  • Xcode
  • Swift
  • RxSwift
  • Alamofire
  • Fabric services
  • CoreGraphics
  • CoreAnimation
  • AVFoundation
  • POEditor


Welfie has gone so much further than all weather apps out there. It has become a life-saving app for those who either get cold or hot all the time because they never know for sure what to wear.

It’s a smart weather advisor that puts all your gorgeous selfies into use and suggests the clothes you should pick for different weather.

Just upload your photos into Welfie daily, and you’ll be confident about your attire choice anytime anywhere.