Mr Tomato

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About project

Having a vast experience in making complex software solutions for the food industry, our team identified the need for a fast and effective way to measure and improve restaurants’ staff performance.

Due to, poor customer service is the #1 reason why restaurants lose clients. And waiters are usually the first ones in charge of making a good impression. Hence, a flawless menu knowledge, including special deals, limited offers, chef’s favorites, best sellers, etc. is at the core of a good customer service.

We decided to build a tool to help restaurants’ owners and managers enhance staff training processes as well as guarantee seamless quality assurance.

About project


Our main goal was to digitalize and gamify the learning process so that it would become intuitively easy, fun, and would motivate waiters to learn menu better. By having an app on their phones, the waiters would be able to study anywhere while stuck in the commute, in the morning while eating breakfast at home, or in the line to the dentist! It would be more comfortable rather than learning from the paper menu or browsing the restaurant’s website.

As for the owners and managers, our goal was to provide them with a fast and transparent way to measure waiters’ performance. Using Mr. Tomato, restaurant owners and managers would be able to check both how good their waiters know the menu, and also how motivated they are to learn.



The biggest challenge while developing Mr. Tomato was to find the best way of menu learning process.

We had to build the learning management system which would grant three things.

First, the users of all ages should be able to learn intuitively and fast using only their smartphone, without the need to go through long manuals and instructions.

Second, the managers should be able to access the updated information about the waiters’ performance in real time.

Third, the system should be able to upload, process, and update a large amount of information fast.


Design process

While creating the design, we’ve put usability and convenience at the core. We had to make sure that learning a menu would become similar to playing a game or going through a quiz. This is why we used some elements of gamification. We also used the best design practices to make sure that the performance of each waiter is presented clearly and is easily accessible for the manager.

Wireframes: Landing page

Wireframes: Mobile App

Design Implementation


Manager’s profile

Waiter’s profile


By researching through dozens of different learning methodologies, we have created the most fitting approach that provides the ability to generate an unlimited amount of tests.

We have used the latest cutting-edge iOS and Android apps development technologies to sustain easy menu learning process.


Mr. Tomato is a mobile platform available both on iOS and Android.

The waiters can use it to learn the menu via going through the dish catalogs and testing their knowledge by taking interactive tests.

The restaurant owners can upload all dishes with all needed information: ingredients, price, cooking time, calories, best combinations or substitutions, etc. There is no need for the printed menus anymore!

As the staff starts using Mr. Tomato, the managers can track the progress of the waiters - how actively they use the app, how many tests they have passed, how much they scored, and see the waiters’ ratings accordingly.

The platform is especially effective for the restaurant chains and the medium+ sized food service locations.